How To Choose The Right Pet Photographer For You


A good pet photographer makes the difference between a snapshot and a portrait. Here are some tips on finding someone who can capture your animal in all their glory:

Know what you want.

Asking yourself what you want out of the shoot is a critical first step. It can help you narrow down your options and make sure that your photographer will be able to meet your needs. When choosing a photographer, consider if you want family photos or just pet photos, or both!

Location is just as important! A good Pet Photographer will work with you to find a location that suits you and your pets personality, as well as the final image you are wanting to create. Does your pet absolutely love the beach? Or are you wanting a classic white backdrop studio image?

Look at their work.

When looking at the work of a photographer, look for a few things:

  • Unique, colorful images. You want your photos to be more than just okay—you want them to be fabulous! The best way to do this is by hiring someone who knows how to create unique and colorful photos that reflect your pets personality.
  • A range of pets and people in their portfolio. Look for pets of various sizes in their portfolio, they should be able to comfortably work with a small dog like a Dachshund as well as a bigger dog like a Bernese Mountain Dog.
  • Locations. Do they have plenty of different locations they use in the area? Or do they only focus on one type of image?

Read reviews

Be sure to read reviews of a photographer's past work. A good Pet Photographer should showcase their customers good reviews on their website, read through them to make sure they are the right person for you.

You want someone who understands what you want from your pet photography session, since different pets have different needs when it comes to photo sessions!

Specialises in pets

It’s important to find a pet photographer who specialises in pets. They should have experience taking photos of animals and can tell you whether they have any nervous or anxious pets they've worked with before.

Ask them if they have ever had any problems during the shoot and how they overcame them. If it was particularly difficult, ask them why? And what did they do to make it work?

A good Pet Photographer will ask questions about yourself, and your pets, before the session. If you have a reactive or anxious pet your photographer should be able to find you a quiet location with minimal other people or animals and will spend extra time making sure your pet feels comfortable beforehand.

Make sure your pet is comfortable with the photographer.

A good sign of a great photographer is one who gets to know your pet first before taking pictures of them; this helps build trust between them.

Pet photography is a fun and rewarding thing to do with your pet.

Pet photography is a fun and rewarding thing to do with your pet. You’ll be able to create beautiful wall art that will last a lifetime, and share those images with friends and family. Pet Photography gives you the chance to remember all the good times you had with your pet, even when they're gone.


Pet photography is an art. As a pet owner, you want to ensure that the person you hire for your pet photo shoot understands how important this event is for you. You also want someone with experience in both photographing pets and editing images so that they look their best. 

If you're looking for a Brisbane based professional Pet Photographer servicing Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and the Far North Coast, who ticks all of these boxes and more, contact myself, Bree at J&A Pet Photography to create the perfect memories.

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